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Who should you Donate to? A world in Climate Crisis

It's hard to avoid the news on the ongoing climate crisis. Australia has been dealing with wildfires since December, 20, 2019. The fires have been going on for 18 days and has no signs of stopping. The world is watching and many wanting to help, now the challenge is who and where to donate?

Different charities prioritizes different factors that are being impacted by disasters. So here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. What am I most concerned with? [ humanitarian programs, wildlife rehabilitation or conservation etc...]

2. How much of the donation is going to the programs and how much is being used as overhead (administration) ?

3. Where does this charity typically target their work?

4. Do they spend their money for fundraising or for implementation on site programs?

5. Make sure the charity is ACCREDITED? Some programs that accredit charities are Imagine Canada, Better Business Bureau, Guide Star and Alliance Navigator.

When choosing a charity, look for those who have less than 20-30% overhead, that way you know your money is going to those in need. Also, look at reviews of any historical controversy (ex: discrimination) At the end of the day just make sure the charity is honest and aligns with your values.

Sadly, it seems that sometimes the Non-for Profits organizations are the ones who are directly delivering the services to those in need rather than the government of the country.

If you've been looking to donate to charities helping the Australian wildfires, here are some that have been recommended:

Australian Red Cross (Humanitarian and Evacuation work)

First Nations Go Fund Me page (Displaced Indigenous Communities, many of whom are incredibly vulnerable)

The Food Bank (Helps Provide Food for those in Need)

Country Fire Authority (Firefighters)

World Wildlife Fund (Help injured wildlife and wildlife restoration)

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital (Helping marsupials like kangaroos, wombats and koalas)

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park (Helping marsupials like kangaroos, wombats and koalas)

I hope this helps you navigate charities to donate to and inspires you to volunteer with them in the future!

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